Lissa Knowles — Author

Hmm, this is the difficult part.  What to say about Lissa Knowles — Author.  First of all, it would probably be best to confess right upfront the Lissa Knowles is a pseudonym.  When it came time to actually put my real name down as the author of a cozy mystery, I had second, third and fourth thoughts.  Book selling  today is an art and creating a cozy mystery series, with a memorable author name can be important.

My pen name of ‘Lissa Knowles’ comes from a combination of the first name of one of my maternal aunts’ (Elissa)  and the maiden name of a maternal grandmother.  Both names are from good solid British stock — something that is important if you’re trying to emulate–if only in a small way–the Queen of cozy mysteries, Agatha Christie.  Put together they just sounded nicer to me than my real name.  So Lissa Knowles was born.

The ‘Real’ Me

Simply put, I am a grandmother, like my heroine of the Gramma’s Off Her Rocker series, and my husband will tell you I’m generally to be found completely ‘off my rocker’!


Rock On!

Lissa Knowles